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Prof. Guoqiang Zhang Personal website

◆ Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers in Hunan Province
◆ Young Teachers Award Winners of the Ministry of Education
◆ Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Talents Promotion Plan Winners
◆ The Ministry of Hunan Resources and Social Development of the National Talents of the New Century Talent Project
◆ The Central Organization Department Plans to Lead Talented People
◆ State Council Special Allowance Recipient
◆ Dean, Institute for Sustainable Urbanization and Construction Innovation, Hunan University
◆ Founder, China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Forum/Consortium
◆ Director, National Center for International Research Collaboration in Building Safety and Environment, MOST, China
◆ Member, the academic committee, Hunan University
◆ Member, Editorial board of the Journal of Hunan University
◆ President, Hunan China Construction 4.0 Building Industry Academy
◆ Chairman, International Conference on AsiaCity2050: High-quality Construction, Sustainable Cities
◆ Executive Director, Technical Committee of China(Changsha) Prefabricated Building and Construction Technology Expo.
◆ Chairman, Hunan University Regal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.