Innovation Alliance

Alliance Members

International Innovation Consortium

Overseas cooperation institutes

◆ The French-China Cooperation Promotion Center, France 

◆ IFADUR, Institut Franco-chinois d’Architecture et de Développement Durable urban et Rural

◆ The French Federation of Intelligent Services, the Engineering and Informatics Industry, France  

◆ Complexio Company,France

◆ Cooperans Company,France

◆ The Mediterranean Sustainable Building and Environment Association, France

◆ Blue Coast Architects,France

◆ Du Mazur Architectural Design Co., Ltd, France

◆ The Swedish Research Institute

◆ Sweden-China Greentech Allianc, Sweden

◆ Swedish Innenco Innovative Energy Concept

◆ Velux Company, Denmark

◆ Nordic Flexhouse Company, Denmark

◆ Factotech Company

◆ Visblue Company

◆ Danish National Eco-village Network

◆ Nico Design Company

◆ Danish Wingreen Energy-Saving Window and door Company

◆ Aalborg University, Denmark

◆ German District Heating Association

◆ Association of Financial and Industrial Groups, Russia

◆ Mongolia State Real Estate Company

◆ University of Ontario Institute of Technology(UOIT),Canada

◆ Concordia University, Canada

◆ Canada Wood Association

◆ Canada Lauzon-DV Group

◆ Canada Kryton International Company

◆ Canada Industrie Orkan Ltd

◆ Canada JET Design 

◆ Cloud River Urban Research Institute, Japan

◆ Brunel University, UK

◆ The Chinese University of Hong Kong

◆ The University of Hong Kong(HKU)

◆ The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

◆ City University of Hong Kong

◆ Hongkong Cundull Company

◆ New Zealand National Steel Frame Housing Association

◆ LGSC, New Zealand

Mainland China partners

◆ Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences

◆ China Academy of Building Research

◆ China Architecture Design & Research Group

◆ Guangdong Provincial Academy of Building Research Group Co.,Ltd.

◆ China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Co., Ltd.

◆ Broad Homes Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

◆ Tanyes Group

◆ China Minsheng Drawin Technology Group Co., Ltd.

◆ Shenzhen Airfact Network Environment Co.,Ltd

◆ Beijing DR. Home Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ State Grid Hunan Integrated Energy Company

◆ Hunan Solion Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ Yan Tong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ McQuay Central Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Changsha Branch

◆ Hunan University Design Institute Co., Ltd.

◆ Changsha Hangyang Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan Nuocheng Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan Shangjia Green Environment Co., Ltd.

◆ Shenzhen Simpusun Information Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan Zhongui Design Institute Co., Ltd.

◆ Guangdong Five Star Solar Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan Pavln Security System Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan Daya Design Institute Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan University Regal Energy Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ Changsha Ruili Netsun Culture Communication Co. Ltd

◆ Changsha Green Engine Building Technology Co. Ltd.

◆ Hunan Shaofeng Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

◆ Jiangsu AKCOME Technology Co., Ltd.


◆ Beijing Gu Yu Times Educational Technology Co., Ltd.


◆ Haier

◆ Daikin (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

◆ Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

◆ Hunan huachen Engineering Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.